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Hey lovelies!

I just uploaded a schwack-load of drawings, which are really only a handful of what i've done since i last uploaded here

I post new things almost daily on both my twitter and my FB pages just because i don't have to put them on my computer first, it's just faster and simpler to snap a pick and post it from my phone. You can find all my doodles, sketches, and realistic drawings on either of those sites, as well as "draw with me" as i upload WIP shots in real-time as i'm drawing.

Twitter: r_beccaBlair
Facebook: Rebecca Blair Visual Art

Missed you guys, come say hi!

Take care until next time!

-Bec. <3
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Hey there ladies and gents, hope you're all doing well!

So, thus far i've had no luck in the career department but i'm not giving up. I don't feel that it's right to keep something that i love so much to myself, so even though art is a tough field of employment to break into, i'm going to keep trying!

That being said, i want to thank you all LOADS for the support and encouraging words you give me! i read ALL of my comments and really appreciate each and every single one!!!

Today my Facebook page hit 800 likes and that makes me feel so fortunate for the support that surrounds me online.
A big thank you to all of you, my friends around the world!

*PS- I've still managed to continue my Sketch A Day so far, woot woot! I post almost all of them on my Twitter. =)

Facebook: Rebecca Blair Visual Art
Twitter: r_beccaBlair

Much love,

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First, thanks a MILLION for all the Birthday Wishes!!!
Second, i hope you all had wonderful holidays and everyone celebrating Christmas enjoyed it!

My new years resolution is to not let 2012 be as terrible as 2011, so we'll see how that goes.
I'm also doing a sketch a day, or trying to, which i always post on my:

Twitter: r_beccaBlair
Facebook: Rebecca Blair Visual Art

And no, this time it's not for shameless self promotion, it's just a lot less time consuming to upload all my pics to those 2 sites.  They have tons of unposted drawings on them, so if you're bored, check 'em out. =)

MEGA thanks to :iconjasonfrank: for the premium membership, my mask drawing is dedicated to him for his incredible generosity!


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Off to San Diego Comic Con!!!

So excited!

Take care Deviants.
Much Love,

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Okay guys and gals,
I bullsh!t you not, I am officially declaring the drawing I'm working on right now my most favorite drawing I've ever done.  It's a remake of a famous piece of modern work, but i won't spoil which piece it is until i post the finished product.
There's TONS of WIP shots on my Twitter account, username r_beccaBlair.
This time it's NOT shameless self promotion, I'm "dead" serious! =)

Go look and give me your opinion, i love feedback.
I've also got a couple WIP shots (though not as many) on my Facebook art page which can be found under Rebecca Blair Visual Art.

Will post the finished product asap.
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Hi there Lovely Deviant folks!

I know i haven't uploaded in a while, i'm scanner-less as i just moved and can't set it up yet.

I've been drawing LOTS though, and i swear this time this is not shameless self promotion, haha!

For real though, i post all my stuff on my Twitter account; r_beccaBlair , because i can easily snap it on my phone and post it.  
There's TONS of doodles there, just look for my twitpic links in my posts.  I was doodling an Esmeralda pic today that i didn't quite finish yet.  I love it so far though and i just posted pics of it there.
So come say hi on there, i've made some great DA friends on there (Social Networking is the sh!t).

Hope everything is well with you all!

FYI, i LOOOOVE my new place, many drawings to be made within it!

Take care!

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San Diego Comic Con 2011 weekend passes - Check.
Flights booked - Check.
Hotel booked - Check.
Portfolio being worked on - Check.
Excited?! - MEGA CHECK!

So ladies and gents, will i see any of you fine people there? Maybe make some art buddies?
Whether you're an artist with a booth or just a fan going for the kick-assness, let me know!

Take care Everyone!
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Merry Christmas, Христос Народився, Happy Holidays, etc!
Hope everyone enjoys this holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate or where you are!

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So i would really reaaaaaaaally love to thank the wonderful :iconmayfong: for graciously giving me a 3 month premium membership.
I am so honored, not only for the generosity, but because of who it is from.
She is SO incredibly talented, and a huge inspiration to me.


Though i won't upload much this month due to working at an Electronics store during the Christmas Season, everything i do in the next while is dedicated to her.

Thank you muchly!
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A very brief convo with DA Member Art2Sacrifice about careers got me thinking a bit today.

I really feel that I'm wasting something that i'm very grateful for.
Working at an electronics store doesn't allow me to share what i've been given.  I adore drawing and i'm very thankful for the ability to be able to express myself through art.  Even if it's just drawing from a picture, something in that picture, whether it be a look, an angle, a shadow, or the most random of things clicked with an emotion that i wanted to portray.
Electronics Stores don't let me showcase something i think i can give to world (though i draw at work all the time, lol).
I need an art related job and i'd like to think i've practiced enough that my skill level is almost at a "career" level.
Unfortunately, where i live i pretty much only have one option - tattooing.  Don't get me wrong, i would LOVE to tattoo, but the hours operation with no pay and the availability time here just isn't an option for me.

So, my question is this.  Any ideas, oh awesome people/artists of DA? Where should i start looking for jobs, where should i submit stuff, is there i way i can get publicity in the art world, etc.  Hook me up with some sweet ideas!


Brainstorm with me?

You all are the best, i love hearing what you think.

-Rebecca <3
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Bunch of new doodles added on my Twitter.  Something new added pretty much every day.  
Come Follow me for your daily dose of random drawing.

Yup, more shameless self-promotion... I have no soul.

Keep in touch everyone!

-Bec. <3
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Okay, FINALLY starting another celeb picture.  I'm excited about this one cuz it's someone i really really enjoy watching on the big screen.
She's one of my favorite actresses and she's in my favorite series of movies.

Will upload WIP shots as i go on my Twitter (R_beccaBlair), and then a step by step and final shot on here and FB (Rebecca Blair Visual Art).

[Yes, this is my shameless self-promotion, lol.  Growing the business!]

PS - First person to guess who it is and leave their DA username in either a tweet to me or comment on the picture gets it dedicated to them! Kay, so maybe that's not that exciting, lol, but i have to try to make things fun somehow.

Take care everyone!

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Hello all!

Just going through some scrapbooks.  Wow, do i ever have a ton of unfinished pictures...
Uploading a bunch to my twitter, cuz it's the easiest.
Come check them out and let me know what you think!

My twitter: R_beccaBlair

Lotsa Love to you all Ladies and Gents.

Hey guys!
Okay, so my awesome little Simple Samsung cell broke, and i finally caved and bought a Crackberry.
That means that my Twitter (for those of you who have it) will be actually updated on a regular basis.  I've also linked it to my Facebook page, so my art updates can be viewed in both places.  Woot woot, getting in the digital world, lol.

Anyways, come say hi, add me, leave me a message, whatever you like!
You can find me here;


Rebecca Blair Visual Art

Take care everyone.
Might be a while until i have a new drawing up, just got Black Ops at midnight yesterday!

Lotsa Love,
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Dear DeviantArt,
You are awesome for going purple.

Lotsa Love, Ladies and Gents!

Talk to you soon!
Hello to you all!

Long time no update hey?  I know i know, however it was for good reason.
I'm really proud to say that in June i was fortunate to be offered a job drawing pictures for a NY gaming company.  My assignment involved doing 10 pictures in 3 weeks, so it was a lot of non-stop drawing.  I decided it was fair to take a bit of a break and only draw when i really needed it.  

I should be getting some more stuff up soon, as i have some free time now.

Sorry for disappearing!

Take care ladies and gents!

Oh PS, i might not get back to everyone, but i LOVE reading ALL of your comments, i do every day, so thank you to every who leaves me comments and messages!
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So I have decided to create a Facebook page for my art, seeing as how I'm always on Facebook when i'm not working.
Since I am always on there, I plan on updating the page with my latest work in progress information.…

Stop by, have a look, leave me a wall post, or maybe even Like me. =)
I read everything that everyone writes to me, and I appreciate your comments more than you know!
I could use all the support i can get!

Thanks for your time,

take care everyone!

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Hey Ladies and Gents!

I would like to say THANK YOU LOADS to everyone who commented, flagged, or reported my drawing to the Paramore Web Crew!
They have removed the image, and that is faaaaaaantastic.

You guys are seriously the best.

Thanks so much for all your help everyone.

much love!
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I love, love, LOVE Hayley Williams of Paramore.
Well, i received a note from a very sweet person letting my know that someone stole my art.
Well, this person didn't just steal my art this time, they posted it on (the official Paramore site), WON Fan Art of the Week, and now has my drawing displayed on the front page of Paramore's photo's under her name.
This made me so sad, because i submitted it at one point in hopes of maybe getting that honor, and maybe having Hayley see it.
Now if she ever does, it will be under somebody else's name.

If you would like to comment on it, please head here;…

Anyways, i'm super sad about this, just thought i would share.
Thanks for listening.
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Well, now that I've recovered from my birthday last night, I just wanted to wish you all happy holidays!
Thanks for all the support, it really does mean a ton to me, and I love reading all your comments and notes.
Nothing much being posted right now due to build-up of commissions, which sucks because I've had some really neat life experiences lately that have given me loads of inspiration.
Oh well, work is work.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays, and have a Happy New Year!!!
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